Sunday, November 7, 2010


Its never easy being a Vikings fan, today was a perfect example of this.  The Vikings had to win today, a loss and the season was over.  Actually, the season is still probably over but at least for one more week all Vikings fans can hang on to the shred of hope that there will be a miracle turn around.  So heading into this game against the Cardinals I was hoping the Vikes would come out and crush the Cards.  Silly me expecting the Vikings to make it easy.  No, they decide to get behind 24-10 with six minutes left.  At that point I told my brother the season was over and Childress, the head coach, needs to be fired.  Thats when the Vikes started to play football.  Six minutes later the scored was tied and over time was starting.  The Vikings made quick work of the Cardinals in OT and won on a Longwell field goal.  After the game I was telling my brother how its soooo possible for the Vikings to get back in the division race.  Its funny how thirty minutes can so completely change your perspective.  So now as I sit here writing this I feel good about my Vikings, got some easy games coming up and two with the Bears.  This could happen...they could make a run!  The only thing left for me to figure out is if I'm delusional or just plain stupid...thats what the Vikings do to you.  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Blackhawks Game Routine

Last night was a blast.  I went to the Blackhawks game, the second game Ive been to this year.  The first was opening night which was so beyond cool.  I'll never forget seeing the Stanley Cup Banner raised.  This is my third year of having Blackhawks season tickets.  Before that I had season tickets for twelve years with the Chicago Wolves (AHL).  I've seen a lot of hockey live, I tried to add it up once and I stopped around 300 games.  Needless to say I love hockey.  Last night the Hawks played the New Jersey Devils.  Kinda boring game made fun by having my brother and his girlfriend there.  What I noticed is I've really fallen into a pattern with these games, I do the same thing everytime.


Step 1:  Parking
I always park in the same lot.  I've found the easiest lot to get in and out of so it makes sense to keep going back there.  There is this homeless guy who watches everybodys car.  I usually give him $5 dollars and chat a bit.  He is a nice guy and helping him even a little bit feels good.  If anything I figure its good Karma.

Step 2:  The Committed Indian
There are these wonderfully funny people who make an unofficial blackhawks program called The Committed Indian.  Any older Hawks fans reading this might remember it as The Blueline.  I highly recommend any Hawks fans pick this up at the game.  There is always something that has me laughing my ass off.  You can find the people selling it outside the United Center before every game, they also can email it to you.  Any out of state Hawks fans should check it out.  Very funny and gives you a feel of what Hawks fans are thinking.  I always get my copy and head up to my seat but not before I pick up Step 3.

Seriously funny shit!

Step 3: Nachos + Nacho Lady
Even if I don't want them I always find myself with nachos.  I am fully aware they are a terrible hot mess of cheese like substance but I still cant help myself.  Every game I stop at the same place, get in the same line and get my nachos from the same lady.....My nacho lady, I love her.  It's gotten to the point that we have 5-10 minute conversations about the kids and life during these purchases.  One time she saw me in the next line, hers was really long that night, and she said "Oh no you don't! Get over here in this line."  What I love is that she remembers me!  How many people does she see doing that job? Thousands?  I'm sure she works other events.  Through all of that she remembers me, she remembers I have four kids and she knows if I haven't come to a game in a while.  I love my nacho lady, she is very good to me.....yep, I get extra cheese.

Step 4: Get to my seat
Once I have my nachos and program I head up to my seat.  I'm usually a little early so I eat my nachos while reading my Committed Indian.  About the time I'm finishing up my friend and his dad arrives.  We chat a bit before the game.  The actual game is pretty easy.  I watch the game, almost never go down for anything.  It's nice to hang out and watch hockey.  I don't really get crazy yelling or anything.  It's more a calm experience for me.........except for playoffs.  Playoffs are a whole different animal.  I swear I must have had 14 heart attacks and 78 ulcers from last years Cup run. 

Step 5: Go home
When I leave depends on how the game is going.  If it's close I'll stay, if the Hawks are winning or losing by 2 or more goals with ten minutes left I leave.  I know, I know, I can hear people now saying a true fan stays.  All I can say is I've been to tons of these games and sometimes you just want to get home.  It's a lot easier to leave that Wednesday night game early when you know you will be back on Friday. 

Well thats it, pretty much all there is to my Hawks routine.  It may not sound like much but I'm happy with it.  Of course, Go Hawks!