Monday, January 31, 2011

Blizzard Watch - Picture Of The Day - January 31st

So anybody who knows me well will tell you I'm completely a weather junkie. In the spring/summer I'm always hoping for a good thunderstorm.  Of course when there is a storm I'll check radar, weather websites and I'm always checking the National Weather Service for update or warnings.  I can't help it, its in my blood.  I inherited my condition from my mom, my sister is the same way.  Its a family addiction, I'm pretty sure it drives my wife crazy.  Well, I think its the sitting in the basement with a flashlight and radio while everybody else in town is eating dinner that drives her crazy. But that's not the point, the point is there is a storm coming!
2-3 inches per hour! Crazy!

So my picture of the day is what I keep checking every hour for new details.  If a year from now I look back on this I will remember this storm, or the potential for snowmagedon.  So the details, they say a blizzard is bearing down on us with predictions of 18-22 inches of snow in a very short amount of time.  This could fizzle out like so many predictions have or this could be the storm of my kids childhood.  I think there has been this much snow only 3-4 times in my life so this could be big.  I'm excited, I would love to get a day off work and 18 inches of snow to throw my kids around in.  Keep your fingers crossed, please please please snow!

One of many sites I've been checking.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Soccer Sunday - Picture Of The Day - January 30th

So recently I signed my 5 year old daughter up for some indoor soccer fun.  Of course she got the Sunday morning 8:00am time slot.  At first all I could think was "wow, that's really early.....really early....really, really early."  But its been good, I really don't mind getting up early especially since I get to see her have some fun.  There is one thing that I learned though.  Kids soccer spikes are awesomely adorable.  I've completely fallen in love with her soccer gear.  They are so little but look like adult spikes, same with the ball.  So todays pictures are some soccer pics of my little 5 year old.  Beware though, they are crazy cute.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture Of The Day - I will hang this painting today - January 29th

So I am determined to hang this painting today.  I bought this painting last July and I was super excited about it, I absolutely love the painting.   So why has it taken me so long to hang this particular painting? I'm not really sure.  I bought the painting in the middle of a two week vacation.  I think when I got home there was so much unpacking and getting settled back in that I just put it off.  Of course, once you put something off its so easy to keep putting it off.  But today I will hang this painting.  Where? I'm not sure, that's the tricky part.  Time will tell.

If you like the painting the artists name is Tim Nyberg, check out his stuff at or check in on my blog from time to time.  I'm sure I'll post pictures of the other paintings I'm lucky to have hanging in my house.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Go Blue Lion Go! - Picture Of The Day - January 28th

So I didn't have to think too much about today's picture.  I've had this print out hanging in my office since April 21, 2008.  Until today it had no purpose, I've almost thrown it out countless times.  BUT today my sad little print out finally has a cause, a true purpose.  That is because today is the day to lift up Voltron's Blue Lion so the world can see the Blue Lion is the best of the Voltron Force.

 So you may be asking yourself "Where is this poll? Of course I need to vote for the Blue Lion."  Well Ill tell you.  Just click over to and vote.  I can respect if you want to vote for the Red or Black Lion, I get it.  If you vote for the Green or Yellow Lion then just leave, leave and never return.  But let me at least briefly try and persuade you.  The Blue Lion was originally piloted by Sven, the most kick ass Voltron character ever.  Early on, Sven was injured in a battle with Haggar eventually being taken prisoner.  Sven was eventually thrown into a cave on Planet Doom and left for dead.  In the Japanese version of the show Sven died in battle with Haggar.  Either way Sven made great sacrifices for Voltron force and as such makes the Blue Lion the best.

On a side note, thank you to Susan Fujiki aka @kungfupussy for putting this poll together.  Hopefully this becomes a regular Friday thing, its been fun so far.  Anybody not following her blog or following her on twitter should do so right away. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow! - Picture Of The Day - January 27th

Its snowing! I love snow, how can you not? Its fun, can be quite pretty and of course can lead to days off work. I wish lady Winter would ease up on the east coast and send some significant snow Chicago's way.  I can already hear people saying "I hate driving in snow" or "Its too cold" or "I'd rather it be 80 degrees out!"  Well you know what? You live in the Midwest, if you haven't learned to deal with it yet then maybe a move to California is what you need. So todays pictures are just random shots of the snow from around my office, enjoy.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Knee On The Rocks - Picture Of The Day - January 26th

So I'm sure if you know me or even if you just follow me on twitter then you must have heard me complain about my knee.  I hurt it running in October and I've been in physical therapy since November.  It's been incredibly frustrating mostly because the injury hasn't been responding to physical therapy the way I had hoped.  I figured I would do what they say and it would get better.....quickly.  Not so.  Part of the problem is that my injury, patellar bursitis, isn't exactly a running injury.  Its got the doctors a bit confused.  I really don't like being the therapists "special challenge."  That means this is gonna take a bit!  So here is a picture of my knee getting electrical stimulation with a big ice pack over it..........Fun......*sigh*

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Critters - Picture Of The Day - January 25th

So I took a picture this morning intending on using it for my picture of the day and someday it will be but not today. I checked my photo stream and found not only the picture I took but one I did not take. Here is that picture:

Now it's no great mystery who took this picture. It was my oldest daughter, she's 5 years old and the only one of my kids who really knows how to use my phone. But I wonder why did she take this picture? She's never done it before so I'm guessing this scene was somehow different or special. I can really only guess so that's what I'm going to do.
So the question is what's this scene depicting? I have two theories. First, I think these cute Calico Critters might be playing a game of whodunit by putting on a stage production of the 80's movie Clue.  Second, its possible they all went went up to the lab, and saw what was on the slab and now they are all shivering with antici......pation which kinda makes them look like they are all doing the time warp. The problem is both of my theories lead me to an even greater question. Which one of these cute critters is Tim Curry?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Breakfast January 24th Picture

So I got to work today and what did I find? A basket of muffins! Yeah for me!  With the death of free doughnut Friday I've learned to appreciate free breakfast food in the office so much more.  I think I'd become a bit spoiled.  The muffin was average at best but hey a free muffin is a free muffin, I'm not going to complain.  The best part of the muffin though was the plates.  Somebody brought Zoo Pals plates and I'm all about eating my free muffin off a dogs face plate.  The only concern I have is my dog plate seems sad.  I dont know why? Did I not eat the muffin quick enough? Or was it too quick?  Did the dog come into this relationship with issues? I have no idea but I'm determined to see this dog face plate through whatever it is thats troubling him.  So until he turns his frown upside down, he's staying with me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Changing Gears - January 23rd Picture

So I've come to the realization that I'm not that great at blogging.  I don't seem to have instincts for a consistent flow of quality material.  Why? Could be that four kids suck up almost all my home time.  Maybe I'm horribly mired in the greatest case of writers block ever or most likely I'm just a terrible writer.  Whatever it is I feel like I can't get good momentum going so I've decided to change gears.  What I'd like to  do is post a picture everyday for the rest of the year.  Some days there will be a story to go with the picture, some days all I'll have time for is the picture.  I have no clue where it will go but I hope for anybody checking they will somehow get a bit of insight into me.  I figure at the very least it will be interesting for me to look back on at the end of the year.

So today is my first picture then.  Nothing crazy, just a hat....well my very most favorite hat ever.  I found this hat today while going through my closet.  I was crazy excited because I haven't been wearing hats much for the past two years and I had forgotten about it.  I just got my haircut Thursday and I chopped off a lot of hair, maybe another day I'll do the before/after photos. Anyway, while my hair was longer I didn't wear hats, they didn't feel comfortable.  So when I found the hat it dawned on me that I could wear it again, made me happy.  So here is it is, enjoy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


January should be a great month, a fresh new year to work with.  The problems of last year are in last year, the new ones haven't surfaced yet.  Holidays are finally over which means one of two things.  Either you had such a great time you are exhausted mentally and physically from all the fun or your family drove you crazy to the point that you are exhausted mentally and physically and your eye is permanently twitching.  January gives you time to rest, relax and recharge.  The NFL playoffs are underway and Hockey seems so much more fun once January comes around.  January has always been great down time for me, but not this year.

This year one nagging problem followed me into the new year, my knee.  I started running in July because I made the decision to take better care of myself.  Having runners in my family I figured Id give running a go.  I signed up for a 5K and started training.  The first time out I couldn't even run a half mile, it was pretty pathetic.  I kept at it and by September I was able to run a 5K which for me was an accomplishment.  I wanted to keep at it and sign up for another 5K before the year was over.  That plan got shot down by my knee.  I felt a pain in my knee while running one night and since then I haven't been back out.  My doctor looked at my knee and referred me to a physical therapist. 

Knee bursitis is the diagnosis I was given.  Basically I have a build up of fluid in my knee which is causing my knee to float around, not good for running.  I've been in physically therapy for about a month and it seems like things are worse than when I started.  The worst part is I really enjoyed running.  I've tried other forms of exercise but nothing has pulled me in like running has.  Maybe its getting out of the house, away from the wife and kids for a small time.  Maybe its just getting outside in the open air listening to music.  Maybe its just having a small amount of time to myself, with four kids I don't get a lot of time for me.  Whatever it is I enjoyed my runs, looked forward to them and now I miss them. 

So now I'm frustrated, wondering when I can get back out.  I know if I go out and start running again I'll just do further damage to my knee so I hold myself back.  I cant help but wonder if I've already lost all the momentum I built up over the last six months.  Will it be as hard as it was the first time?  Will a half mile feel like running a marathon?  I hope not and I don't think so.  I'm starting from a different point, I'm stronger now than I was last time and I'm 15 pounds lighter. My brain knows that I'm stronger and a bit lighter but still I cant help thinking I need to get back on that horse as soon as possible.  I cant help looking out at the street at night and feeling like I'm missing an old friend.  I cant help but feel like Ill be much happier once I get back to it.  Even writing this now makes me sad, wishing I could head out tonight.  Instead I'm left with frustration.  Frustration because I cant get back to it but more frustration because I don't have any clue when I will be able to.