Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It looks like a baboons butt....

Something unexpected happened today and it made me laugh. I got a pack of peanut M&M's today. That's not the odd part because me getting candy is like a grizzly bear wearing a bedazzled laser headband........Uh, I think I've got things mixed up again.

Yes, I love candy and I need to find a way to eat less of it for my own good. That being said I got a pack of peanut M&M's today. I sat there at my desk happily eating my sugar goodness when out fell a monstrosity of nature. A freak that should never have been put into the world. A two peanut M&M that looked like a pulsating baboons ass. Have I gone too far? Off the deep end? The answer is simple. Yes. I'm scared for myself but that doesn't change the fact that I looked into the face of the pulsating baboon ass M&M and ate it and it was delicious.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Killer Rainbows

When I turned on the hose today I never expected what the results would be. Instead of water, out came killer rainbows delivering colorful pain upon the children. See the evidence below. Poor Everett just wanted to have a fun day of water play but instead he was viciously attacked by a rainbow. See his pain, see him running away. Why this happened I don't know but be warned for this could be you next.....

Ok, I lied. The kids had a blast today. Yeah summer!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Indianapolis 500

Its racing day, its racing day, no its not sausage casing day, its racing day.

Another great Indy 500 today and the best part is we didn't have to see Penske or Ganassi win another race. So who won? Dan Wheldon. Im happy for him. I've always liked Wheldon, a good proper Brit driver. He didn't land a ride this year so today was his only race of the year. So now that the Indy 500 is over I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Lucky for me, I have the rest of the day to figure it out.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Room Swap

I spent more than half of today converting my office into a kids room. We needed to move my youngest son into his own room. My two youngest are both boys and they aren't quite ready to be roommates so a move was a must. Our office really wasn't an office, we didn't do any work in there. It's where we kept the computer and let our hoarder instincts go wild. So after a good half day of pure work the room is done, the computer is moved into our bedroom and now I'm hungry. Whats my celebration meal? Oh it's good, I'm having cream of chicken rice soup and steak fries from The Patio http://www.patioribs.com/ I know it doesn't sound like anything special but its damn good. So yeah, thats how I spend the first day of my three day weekend.

My computers new home

Friday, May 27, 2011


Jason wanted to give you the good news, so I let him.
Guess What? It's exciting, you really want to know? I got my 3000th hit on this blog yesterday!  

I know, I know, 3000 is probably not that much. I'm sure some of you get that in a day, week or month but for me that's a pretty darn good accomplishment. When I started this blog I didn't expect anybody to look at it but for some reason you guys are looking and I love you for it......actually I just love your squishy eyeballs.

I planned to post a picture or pictures everyday for a year and I still plan to do it for at least that long, most likely much longer than that. I can't promise everyday is going to be exciting but I can promise that there will be something everyday. I can also promise that everything I post has some meaning to me, even if it's not always so apparent.

So thank you for coming over and checking things out every so often. Thank you to those wonderful people who have left comments, I really do love those. And thank you in advance for continuing to come by the lab and see whats on the slab. I know you will, I can see you shivering with antic..............pation!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sights from Nice

We stayed in Nice for quite a bit of time. Here are some pictures of Nice. There's no order to the picture so just enjoy.

There's still more tomorrow, maybe tomorrow.  If you are getting sick of these I'm sorry and I promise I'm almost done. My hope is that you are enjoying these even a tiny bit as much as I am.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Go Canucks Go

I know I've been posting pictures from my honeymoon and I'll get back to it....maybe tomorrow. Its been fun going though them, remembering things I have completely forgotten about. But not today. Today I have something else.

Today I wanna say congratulations to those crazy canuckleheads for finally getting back to the Stanley Cup Finals. I have to admit, they scared me last night. I thought they were going to find a way to lose that game but in the end they pulled it out.  Made me stay up late waiting for it though, blasted Canucks!

If you have read this blog even a little you know I'm a huge hockey fan. Even further I'm a die hard Blackhawks fan, I love my Hawks. But when the Hawks were down, it was a long long long time, I would cheer for the Canucks. I really liked the mid 90's Canucks team so they kinda became my second team.  Pavel Bure, Kirk McLean, Trevor Linden, Jyrki Lumme, Cliff Ronning, Alexander Mogilny, Markus Naslund, I loved watching those teams play.

Some of my Canucks collectibles.

I cheered for the Canucks as I did the Hawks, waiting for one of my teams to win the Cup. I always thought it would be the Canucks first. They had some pretty good teams and the Hawks were hopeless for awhile.  But last year the Hawks made me a very happy hockey fan and won the Stanley Cup. While I would have loved to see them win it again this year, having the Canucks make it and hopefully win the Cup makes it kinda cool. Two teams I've pulled for most of my life winning the Stanley Cup back to back years is awesome.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. I liked the Canucks from the mid 90's. There was no rivalry then so they were a safe and exciting team to follow once the Hawks were done. There is this rivalry now between the two teams but I don't care. I still like my Nucks, not as much as the Hawks of course but I still like them.  The Hawks Canucks rivalry is great now but it will fade. Truth is, I don't like the Redwings. Detroit can fall in a hole and never been seen again for all I care. I'd be the first to go take a dump in that hole. Ok, over the top? No, I hate the Redwings! Growing up I didn't like the Blues or Toronto Maple Leafs. Those were the big rivals along with the Wings. The Blues rivalry has faded because both teams were down and the NHL killed the rivalry with the Leafs by moving them to the east. I fear they may do the same with the Wings but I'll rant about that if and when it happens.  

So, Congrats Canucks, Western Conference Champions. Go win the Stanley Cup! Go Canucks Go!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our lilac bushes are flowering! For the next two weeks our house will smell absolutely wonderful. I've really come to love this part of Spring.

Breakfast in Nice

We always had the same breakfast in Nice.  Fresh cheese, salty meat and the best croissants I ever had in my life.  We didn't need to go anywhere else.  The best breakfast in Nice was at La Rotonde http://www.hotel-negresco-nice.com/en/restaurant-bars/rotonde which just happened to be in our hotel. If you are wondering why I devoted a whole day on my blog to breakfast it's because of how good this breakfast was.  I'm pretty sure I will not have a better breakfast than this in my life.

Tomorrow, some actual sights from Nice.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume

Ok, its Monday so back to memory lane, back to my honeymoon pics, back to France.

Another day, another day trip.  I don't remember why we picked Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume as a day trip.  We may have just seen something in a pamphlet and decided it sounded cool.  Saint Maximin is a village in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in southeastern France.  Its located  at the foot of the St. Baume mountains in the basin at an old dried up lake.  The town's basilica is dedicated to Mary Magdalene.  This is also the place where Mary Magdalene was said to be rehabilitated  after the death of Jesus.  The basilica holds what are believed to be Mary Magdalene's bones.  I think this site has become somewhat more famous because of the book, The Da Vinci Code.  I never read the book so I couldn't care less but I did think the history was interesting which is probably why we went.  The Basilica was beautiful and it was very worth the trip.  Here are some pics from the Basilica.

This was Mary Magdalene's bones.  They take them out every year during a festival, at least thats what the sign said!

Tomorrow back to Nice.