Thursday, June 20, 2013

To the broccoli farm!

Every single time we get in the car my kids start the "Dad, where are we going? where are we going? where are we going?" chant. My general response has been "To the broccoli farm! Yeah!" I've been saying this for years. I'm pretty sure my kids are tired of my broccoli humor and just want a straight answer. Sucks to be them I guess because I'm not stopping.
Yep, you're at the broccoli farm.
 Well today my wife took the kids to......the broccoli farm! Well maybe not specifically a broccoli farm but a farm that had broccoli which could be picked. They also had cherries. My wife wanted to go strawberry picking but unfortunately they didn't have any today. So cherry picking it was. They all had a great time so I guess the broccoli farm isn't so bad after all.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Superstar

Amelie just finished a great year of softball. She had tons of fun and got so much better. I'm proud of Ambo. Oh yeah! She got ice cream after her game!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Last game of the season

That's it, soccer's over. Another fun season coaching 4-6 year old soccer. I'm happy it's over but I'm sad it's over. I love seeing the kid's smiling faces but I'm happy to have some free nights again. But no worries, it won't be long before another season starts.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

So I wanna be a Super Hero

I've decided to be a superhero but I don't know which one to be. I've come up with four possible choices but I'm open to suggestions.

Option 1
Color Kid. Superpower - He can change the color of things. I kinda like this one. If I want the sky to be orange, sure why not! If I want to be a ginger today, sure why not! If I want over sized fruit to be whatever color it shouldn't be, sure why not! If I want the TARDIS to be, it's blue.

 Option 2
Red Bee. Superpower - He has bees, one lives in his belt. His favorite bees name is Michael. So yeah, you can clearly see why this one's an option, right? C'mon, BEEEEEEES!

 Option 3
Matter Eater Lad. Superpower - He can eat matter in all forms. While I admit this one could get pretty disgusting, it could also be damn helpful when you need to eat random matter quickly. Whenever that is...

Option 4
Blue Beetle. Superpower -  Super strength, vision, ability to fly and the ability to create energy blasts. He obtained his powers while on a dig in Egypt. He transforms into Blue Beetle by saying Kaji Dha! I'm pretty sure I'd never get comfortable saying that.

So these are the three, the fourth was a suggestion, that I came up with but like I said, I'm open to suggestion. You have a favorite from these or have a suggestion of some other awesome super hero, let me know. I'll probably think about it for a week or so and come to a final decision. So exciting, I could eat some red matter that I turned blue while a bee attacked it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Daddy day at school.

Today was Dad's Day at Olivia's school. I got to make a craft with her and hang out at her desk. It was tons of fun.