Thursday, June 6, 2013

So I wanna be a Super Hero

I've decided to be a superhero but I don't know which one to be. I've come up with four possible choices but I'm open to suggestions.

Option 1
Color Kid. Superpower - He can change the color of things. I kinda like this one. If I want the sky to be orange, sure why not! If I want to be a ginger today, sure why not! If I want over sized fruit to be whatever color it shouldn't be, sure why not! If I want the TARDIS to be, it's blue.

 Option 2
Red Bee. Superpower - He has bees, one lives in his belt. His favorite bees name is Michael. So yeah, you can clearly see why this one's an option, right? C'mon, BEEEEEEES!

 Option 3
Matter Eater Lad. Superpower - He can eat matter in all forms. While I admit this one could get pretty disgusting, it could also be damn helpful when you need to eat random matter quickly. Whenever that is...

Option 4
Blue Beetle. Superpower -  Super strength, vision, ability to fly and the ability to create energy blasts. He obtained his powers while on a dig in Egypt. He transforms into Blue Beetle by saying Kaji Dha! I'm pretty sure I'd never get comfortable saying that.

So these are the three, the fourth was a suggestion, that I came up with but like I said, I'm open to suggestion. You have a favorite from these or have a suggestion of some other awesome super hero, let me know. I'll probably think about it for a week or so and come to a final decision. So exciting, I could eat some red matter that I turned blue while a bee attacked it.


  1. I still think you should be the Blue Beetle

  2. I'm trying to wrap my head around why the red bee looks like a kid on Halloween. Is it just me or did his mom make him wear a coat underneath his costume?

  3. Nick, it's clearly a jacket. You don't want him to get cold while fighting crime, do you?