Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cheetos People

You would never think you'd make the biggest discovery in the history of mankind while eating a bag of Cheetos but that's what happened today. I reached into my Cheetos bag expecting to find a tasty snack but this is what I pulled out, a Cheetos person!  

He must have froze when he realized I noticed him but I'm too smart to fall for that old trick. Clearly he was taking a brisk walk through Cheetos Town when I grabbed him. I suspect he had quite a bit on his mind and was out clearing his head. I'm pretty sure he was figuring out how to propose to his Cheetos girlfriend. Was tonight the night? He also was thinking about buying a new pair of pants but he wasn't sure if it was completely necessary. He could do it now and get it done but he didn't really need them for a month or so. Maybe just grab a quick lunch at the Cheetos Town deli. Probably a ham sandwich, maybe turkey. He'll just wait till he gets there and see what looks good. Shit, did he feed the dog? No, no he didn't. Ok, he's gonna just grab a sandwich to go and head home. 

So yeah, be on alert! Look for Cheetos people! 

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